The Westfield United Fund is proud to partner with the town of Westfield to help our local businesses and their employees, who have been devastated by the coronavirus crisis. We are happy to announce that we have received more than $55,000 from more than 450 residents since the We Love Local campaign was launched last Friday from John Rzeznik’s porch. (Check out our Facebook page to see the concert!)

The Westfield United Fund has already matched the first $15,000 received, bringing the total funds available to just over $70,000. If you have not already donated, we encourage you to visit and donate today!

The We Love Local committee is happy to announce that we are now taking applications from our local businesses impacted by the crisis. If you are a business owner who operates an independent business from a physical retail address in Westfield, NJ who has been negatively impacted by the restrictions placed on commerce starting in March 2020, then please visit the WUF website,, to apply for relief funding.

The application is now open! A committee will be meeting daily starting March 26 to review applications and will be distributing funds immediately. Our goal is to get funds out as quickly as possible to as many independent retail businesses as we can. APPLY NOW! Please share if you know someone in need of assistance.