Our families have lived in Westfield for well over a decade. We were initially attracted to Westfield by the wonderful neighborhoods, vibrant downtown and top-notch school system, and we are thankful for all the men and women who serve the community as elected officials. They work tirelessly not only to maintain the current standards of our town but also to continually strive to make it even better.

This year, the campaigning process has become sadly acrimonious, yet we believe one must set aside political parties when voting for town council and instead rely on a candidate’s character, dedication and vision for Westfield. Dawn Mackey, candidate for Ward 4, embodies all of these traits. We have seen it first hand.

As a volunteer, Dawn is a leader, volunteering at McKinley Elementary School on a variety of committees, and working with refugee families, helping at the Saturday Morning Fun Club at Temple Emanu-El and planning a picnic for over 100 American and refugee guests. She is always willing to step up when a community member needs help and to speak out when something needs to be done. She is reliable, approachable, dependable and focused. 

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As a mother and a friend, Dawn is caring, warm, committed. She understands the needs and struggles of being a kid today — and understands what it is like to be a parent. She is the first to offer to help or reach out a hand. She listens and comforts and creates solutions.

And as a leader, she welcomes new ideas and thoughts, never dismissing differing opinions, and works together with others rather than stand alone. She is determined and proactive, respectful, candid and honest. And she is tireless.

Some may say these are skills of a wonderful woman — and they would be right — but what does it have to do with being a councilwoman? We believe each trait is an asset of a successful elected official — a person committed to helping her community, a person with the warmth and desire to listen to her fellow residents, a person who leads by listening to others’ concerns and ideas and then pushing to make changes. 

We moved to Westfield because it is a wonderful town.  More than a decade later, we are grateful for all those who have served. On Nov. 7, we urge you to vote for Dawn Mackey for Councilwoman Ward 4. We need strong leaders such as Dawn to ensure the continued growth and beauty of our town.

Thank you.

Alissa Berger and Jenny Tananbaum