A new website, www.westfieldnjk12.org/bond2012, has been established by the Westfield Public School District to inform residents of the upcoming bond referendum to be held Monday, September 24, from 7 AM to 9 PM. The capital projects which are being proposed through the bond referendum include replacement and repair of the majority of the school district’s roofs which have exceeded their life expectancy, and the installation of turf and lights at the Westfield High School field to provide a multi-purpose, safer playing field.

 “Only capital projects can be considered for a bond,” explained Board President and Finance Chair Richard Mattessich. “The Board has unanimously approved of the roof and field projects, particularly in light of the favorable bond interest rate environment, and given the number of years that the Board has been considering these capital improvement projects,” he stated.   “We have been asked many questions regarding the bond and developed the website to explain our goal of properly maintaining the integrity of our 12 buildings and addressing the 30% growth of our high school population in the last ten years,” he added.

 The website includes the following sections:  Summary of the bond proposal; Questions and Answers; Letter to Residents from the Board of Education; Powerpoint presentations on the roofs and field; Schedule of meetings on the proposal; Voting information – including absentee ballot application download; and a Contact Form to e-mail the Board.

        “We welcome comments and questions from the public either via e-mail or by attending our meetings, which are listed on the website,” added Mattessich.