Westfield Public Schools’ Third Annual Café Cultural held this month at Westfield High School included more than 600 participants who experienced a taste of different cultures.  Fifth Grade students participating in the district Spanish program were invited to display projects at the event as well as share a favorite recipe.  The cafeterias were filled with music, food, and projects students had worked on in Spanish courses that described themselves and their daily routines.

The students and parents who attended the event provided all of the delicious and interesting cultural food.  Welcoming the participants are (standing l-r) Maya Simpson, Aprina Wang,  Alexandra Savin,  and John Spellman; (seated) Chloe Shanebrook-Wein, Kathryn Leary, Eva Terry, Gianna Davis, Catherine Valencia Alyssa Cafiero, Zachary Mendelson, Timothy O’Donnell, Drew Pink, and Brendan Kotiga.

Spanish teachers Lisa DeSousa, Elise Brunhofer, Gonzalo Gonzalez-Vazquez, and Michelle Muserlian were proud to share the successes of their students during the event.