WESTFIELD, NJ — Louri Rivero Borr of Rivero, CPA, in Westfield has clients who come from Manhattan. Though the city boasts plenty of accountants, they take the train to Westfield and cross the street to her office on Central Avenue just to see her.

Entire families—three adult generations, in several cases—continue to trust Borr and pass her on to their parents and children over the years.

Licensed in both New Jersey and New York, Borr has over 20 years of experience. Her firm provides individuals and businesses with accounting services; performs audits, reviews and compilations; provides tax services and advice; and provides broad-based financial plans. They are a member of QuickBooks Professional Adviser program and can help with accounting software needs.

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In addition to these services and talents, Borr also speaks Spanish.

But what makes her firm truly special is the individual attention she gives each client, whether it’s picking up the phone to check in throughout the year, meeting up for lunch or working one-on-one in her office.

“I really enjoy the closeness that you get when you connect with people,” said Borr. “I try to get to know everybody really well. I put myself in their place.”

Borr practices what she calls “the art of being a good accountant.”

“Taxes aren’t scary. Come. I’ll hold your hand. I’ll walk you through it. You don’t need to know every tax law. That’s why I’m here,” she says to them.

“If you know the laws and you use them correctly, you can save people a lot of money,” she explained. But it takes more than knowing the laws—it takes getting to know the client. By spending time with each person, she finds out details they may have left out on their own.

“A lot of times things come up when we’re talking,” she said. “I get information and can help them save money or plan better for next year.”

Borr provides advice for families when they reach times with large financial costs, like college planning and retirement with and other life events, including divorce and death.

What’s most rewarding, said Borr, is when she teaches clients to help themselves.

“Some accountants don’t share their secrets,” she explained. “I want to help you become a financially savvy person. When I see someone becoming more independent, doing better, that’s a good thing.”

Rivero, CPA, is located at 414 Central Ave. in Westfield. Call 908-935-0181 or visit http://www.riverocpa.com for more information.

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