Pre-K Our Way announced today that the Westfield Area Y has joined Pre-K Our Way’s growing advocacy efforts with full support in expanding effective, high-quality preschool programs in our communities.

The Westfield Area Y is a member of the New Jersey YMCA Alliance, which represents 37 YMCA associations engaging more than half a million New Jersey residents including 284,268 New Jersey children in their programming.

“As one of the leading providers of quality pre-school programming in the State of New Jersey, the Alliance and its member organizations have historically been champions of promoting access to effective school and community based early learning opportunities to all eligible children,” said William Lovett, Executive Director of New Jersey YMCA Alliance. “We fully recognize and embrace the fact that pre-k is the gateway to future academic, social/emotional and economic success for children who access services.”

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“We welcome the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with Pre-K Our Way to advocate at the state and local level for full implementation of the existing New Jersey law which mandated pre-k expansion to 90 communities through the state,” said Lovett.

“The YMCA works to bring communities together to realize meaningful change in individuals and communities. They understand that high-quality, early learning education, such as preschool, can be an avenue for that change by have a lasting and positive impact on the development of our children,” said Sam Crane of Pre-K Our Way. “This commitment to pre-k makes the Westfield Area Y, their President and CEO Mark E. Elsasser, and the YMCA Alliance perfect to join with Pre-K Our Way as advocates for the expansion of preschool in New Jersey.”

Existing state law calls for the expansion of New Jersey’s proven, high-quality preschool programs from fewer than 40 towns to 90 more communities across New Jersey. Pre-K Our Way is a nonpartisan, nonprofit effort to bring New Jersey’s effective, high-quality preschool program to each of our communities. Pre-K Our Way wants to expand the quality preschool model for three- to four-year-olds that New Jersey already has by fully implementing the law.