During the school year, the Westfield Area Y’s Preschool, Kids Club and Kindergarten staff organized and implemented a Recycling program through the TerraCycle recycling company. The children and their families were able to save 467 cheese wrappers, 1,224 juice pouches, 2,604 plastic cups, 1,309 dairy containers, 600 granola wrappers, 213 L'Oreal products, 52 hummus containers, 476 Little Bites packaging, 16 baby wipes packaging, 519 squeeze baby food pouches, 134 Elmer's glue packaging, 833 snack bags, 1,033 corks, 398 go-go pouches, 9 Brita filters and 73 Scotch tape dispensers. 
TerraCycle offers national programs (Brigades®) to collect previously non-recyclable or hard to recycle waste. They do this by creating waste collection programs (each one is called a “Brigade”) for previously non-recyclable, or difficult-to-recycle, waste. The collected waste is then converted into new products, ranging from recycled park benches to upcycled backpacks.  Visit http://www.terracycle.com/en-US to learn more about the organization and their national programs.
By implementing this program within the Y’s preschool, Kids Club and Kindergarten, 111,930 points were awarded by Terracycle which were used to donate 9 chicks, 9 geese, 10 years of water, 12 trees, 20 meals for hungry Americans, supplies for 7 school children, and a $20.64 to Clothes4Souls from their cork collection.
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