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The Westfield Art Association (WAA) kicks off its 93rd season with a presentation of comic book art on Sunday, October 26th from 1-4pm in the Westfield Town Hall Community Room. This dynamic theme was specifically selected to coincide with the announcement that the organization is now welcoming younger members – any students currently in 9th -12th grades can join at a new $15 annual rate.

This exciting presentation, intended for art enthusiasts of all ages, will be made by two local area artists: Bob Budiansky of Fanwood and Bob Sharen of Madison. Between the two, they have a total of 44 years working with Marvel Comics on some of the biggest industry titles.

During a 20-year career in the comic book industry, mostly at Marvel Comics, Bob Budiansky worked as an editor, illustrator, and writer. Although he edited titles like Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, he was the regular penciler on Ghost Rider for more than a year, and even created and wrote his own series, Sleepwalker. Bob is perhaps best known for the work he did on The Transformers.

Bob was the editor on the very first Transfomers mini-series in 1984. He followed up that hugely successful four-issue intro by scripting most of the next 50-plus issues of the monthly Transformers comic book. He also named, created character profiles of, and wrote Hasbro packaging copy for approximately 250 Transformers during the first six years of the brand’s existence, and developed story treatments as Hasbro introduced new lines of Transformers. And occasionally he even penciled a Transformers comic book cover or two. Bob is no longer active in the comic book industry, but still produces art commissions based on his comic book work.

Bob Sharen began in comics as an inking assistant to Dave Hunt, an old friend from art school, who was already working for Marvel Comics. He later found that being a colorist was more fun, and embarked on a 24-year career. During that time he worked on almost every Marvel title, mostly on long runs of GI Joe, Alien Legion, and the various Spider-Man titles.

When Marvel changed from coloring comics by hand with Dr. Martin's watercolors to computers, Bob learned Photoshop to keep up with the technology. This eventually  led to photo retouching, creating book covers, posters, and prize-winning illustrations. No longer active in the world of comics, he continues to explore the possibilities of digital art and photography. To see more of Bob’s work, visit

This event is free to all members, and is open to the public. A $5 donation is suggested for non-members. Light refreshments will be served.

About WESTFIELD ART ASSOCIATION (WAA): Since 1922, the Westfield Art Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, completely volunteer organization, has provided art education and public exhibitions, and continues today to actively encourage its many members in the pursuit of individual artistic goals and growth. All mediums. All experience levels. All welcome. For more information, to donate, or to become a member, please visit