WESTFIELD, NJ — After learning by sitting on the sidelines at her sister’s games, and then acquiring skills over her many years playing lacrosse, Mallory Weisse made her 500th save on April 26 in the Blue Devils game against Princeton.

According to Weisse, she first began paying lacrosse at a very young age because her dad had played all of his life and her sister had played, as well.

“I guess it was just in my blood to start playing,” said Weisse.

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"This is a huge accomplishment and for her to do it in only three years is even better," said Coach Samantha Warner.

Weisse said that it felt great to get her 500th save and she was really proud of herself.

“I trained really hard with the boy’s coach, Patrick Tuohy, at Xtramile fitness and that really prepared me for the grueling season,” said Weisse.

"She never stops trying to improve her game,” said Warner. “Even after the Princeton game she was more concerned with what she could have done better than getting her 500th save. That is just how she is.”

“Going forward I think she is going to lead the team the way she has all year,” said Warner. “She is a strong communicator, aggressive in and out of the cage and is willing to take giant risks.”  

According to Weisse, the team overall has improved this season in maintaining their composure in tight games.

The team beat Chatham 11-9 for the first time earlier last week, on April 21.

“I was so unbelievably proud of how hard the girls fought to get that win,” said Warner. “Even when we went down 7-3, I knew we were going to be okay because you could see how bad they wanted it when they were on the field.”

According to Weisse, “My goals for the rest of the season are to keep playing as a cohesive defensive unit and keep the pressure on our opponents and come out with as many wins as possible.”

“There is not one team on our schedule that can be taken lightly, so we focus on what we can do to play our best every time we step on the field,” said Warner. “This group is capable of great things, so look for us to surprise a few teams in counties and states.”