WESTFIELD, NJ – An anticipated special meeting of the Westfield Board of Adjustment was postponed on Wednesday night after a notification error interrupted the proceedings.

John Schmidt, an attorney representing the applicant, apologized to the board and neighbors of the property who attended the meeting.

“Our office failed to make the necessary notice. When we sent a couple of notices out, we failed to notify the County of Union, which we are supposed to do because [the property] is on a county road,” Schmidt said. “There’s no particular excuse for it. We made a mistake. As a result, this board does not have jurisdiction to proceed tonight.”

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The application proposed by Country Classics seeks a number of variances from the board of adjustment and approval to construct six new townhouses at 1481 East Broad Street. 

The property is zoned for single-family houses and currently serves as the grounds for the Daniel Pierson home, which was built in the mid 18th Century.

Among the community members in opposition of the project is Floren Robison, a resident of Carol Road whose backyard is within close proximity of the property. 

“We’re concerned about the character of the neighborhood. We’re concerned about the traffic on East Broad. We’re concerned about a lot of things,” Robinson said on behalf of many in attendance. “I hope the board of adjustment will see this and recognize that the benefit is for financial gain for the builders and the current owners, not the betterment of the community.”

No date has been set for the continuation of this special meeting, but Schmidt and the applicant hope to return in February.