WESTFIELD, NJ — A resolution to keep an armed police officer at Westfield Public Schools is listed on the board of education's meeting agenda for May 20. Last June, many in Westfield vehemently opposed bringing back a school resource officer (SRO) after years without one.  Debate from the public as well as between board members dominated two lengthy school board meetings and ended when the majority of the board voted in favor of hiring an SRO. (To read our story from that evening, click here.)

The SRO, who is based at Westfield High School, has responsibilities include providing assistance in programs for peer mediation and peer leadership, assisting school personnel in dealing with emergencies and assisting in truancy investigations. The officer’s salary of $100,000 is split equally between the school district and the Westfield Police Department, and the PD has authority over the officer. The SRO is subject to all rules and regulations and policies of the PD and has undergone training as an SRO.

Tuesday night’s meeting, which is open to the public, will be held at 7:30 p.m., at 302 Elm Street, room 105. To read the entire agenda, click here.