WESTFIELD, NJ — Roosevelt Intermediate School Industrial Arts teacher Laura Doyle shared details about a new industrial arts course involving engineering and design that will be offered to 10th, 11th and 12th graders at Westfield High School during Tuesday’s Westfield Board of Education meeting.

“For months and months we’ve met. We visited schools. We’ve researched different programs, different curricula,” Doyle said.

The course that has been selected for the district is called  “Engineering Your World” and was developed by the University of Texas at Austin. According to Doyle, the course serves as a good starting point to get students involved in engineering.

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“We really want to get this in so that students have the opportunity to do hands on STEM activities that model what engineers do in the real world,” Doyle said.

The course is a full-year program that the district hopes to offer in two sections. According to Doyle, it will serve as a good first step for the district versus other engineering courses, which would have required extensive computer upgrades and expensive equipment purchases to accommodate the course requirements.

“We could potentially grow from there but, as a start, we thought that this would be very economical,” Doyle said.

Some design challenges include “Designing for Customers,” “Understanding Data: Designing Coffee,” “Programming Music” and “Discovering Design: Pin Hole Cameras,” where students will design a camera for an artist with disabilities.

“I really love the town of Westfield and I want the students to go from middle school and have all of their energy and passion and have somewhere to apply it in high school,” Doyle said.