WESTFIELD, NJ — The Westfield Board of Health discussed changing the minimum number of garbage pickups required per residential household from twice a week to once a week  at its meeting Monday night.

Councilman David Contract, who heads the town’s Green Team, brought the request to the board, health officer Megan Avallone said. The move could save some people money, if their garbage companies agree to a once-a-week pickup for a lower price. Residents could still choose to have garbage picked up two or more times a week.

“I think some motivation behind it is, if you have a young family with children and so forth, they would generate a lot more garbage than others who’ve retired or empty nesters,” board member Neal Snitow said.

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Some expressed concerns over smell and attracting rodents.

“Our real issue is, is the waste contained?” said Board President Tom O’Neill. “That’s the main thing. Where we have had issues is if people are like bagging it, trying to store it in their yard. That becomes a problem and an actual health issue. If it’s containerized, then we have less of an issue along that line.”

The board agreed to invite someone from the Green Team to their next meeting in September to continue the discussion.