WESTFIELD, NJ — A shop on Central Avenue in Downtown Westfield has reported three recent incidents of shoplifting to police that appear, from the shop's security videos, to involve the same woman with different accomplices.

In the most recent incident, on July 11, video provided by the store owner shows a man enter the store with two women. While they keep the salesperson busy, he shoves something under his clothing that the owner reported was a bag valued at $2,200.


Watch on the left side of the screen. You can hear the voice of the store owner (who asked not to be identified) explaining what she sees.

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In an earlier incident, on June 6, three women took four bags together valued at about $16,000, the owner reported.

The first incident took place on May 17, when one woman diverted the shopkeeper’s attention while another other took two items valued together at $1,600, according to the store’s owner.

Video surveillance show here was provided by the store's owner. Police confirmed that thefts took place and that they have video of the incidents but, at press time, could not confirm that they were the same videos.

Anyone with information is asked to call Westfield Police at 908-789-4000.