WESTFIELD, NJ — Nancy Arvizzigno, licensed professional counselor, sits in an armchair in what looks like someone’s living room upstairs at 66 Elm St. in Downtown Westfield. Here, she meets with clients both one-on-one and as the facilitator for support groups.

Unlike most counselors, Arvizzigno offers to talk to potential clients for free for half an hour before agreeing to take them on if the clients are having a difficult time choosing a therapist. She has found that after this brief introductory meeting, most people make an appointment with her. If she’s not the right fit for them, she often refers people to other professionals.

“I feel like I’ve made lots of connections within the community with other professionals,” said Arvizzigno, who opened her office in Westfield a year and a half ago. “I’ve found a comfortable place within a network of practitioners who specialize in various areas.”

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Arvizzigno is also happy to field questions over the phone without charging.

“Anyone with any questions about therapy or parenting issues or going through a divorce, they’re more than welcome to call me. There’s no charge for information over the phone,” she explained.

Currently, she’s putting together a support group for people going through divorce and another for single women that will focus on self-esteem, building confidence, dating, loneliness, finding your passion, living alone and living a fulfilled life. This group would be appropriate for divorced women who are now single again.

She has one divorce support group meeting already.

Arvizzigno “has been a tremendous help to me over the last few months as I have been going through my divorce,” said one member of that group. “Nancy is a true professional, an empathetic listener and a genuinely kind person. She manages the divorce group in a way that allows all of us to share and speak freely without ever feeling judged, which is a difficult task given the circumstances. She personally hand-selected the women in the group to ensure we were all a 'good fit' and personalities wouldn't clash. Overall, I've personally made a tremendous amount of emotional progress since joining the group thanks to Nancy's help.”

“Group therapy with Nancy Arvizzgno was great,” said another client. “Little by little I recover my self-esteem by accepting that it’s okay going through a divorce, learning you are not alone with those thoughts of being alone and having to start all over again.”

As with individual therapy sessions, support group sessions are usually covered by insurance, Arvizzigno explained. (Even if she isn’t in your network, she could still be covered as an out-of-network provider.) And in cases where therapy is not fully covered, group sessions can be more affordable.

In the past, Arvizzigno has worked in schools, for agencies and for Autism New Jersey. As a counselor, she has worked in the fields of addictions and eating disorders and as a special education teacher she has worked with emotionally disturbed adolescents and students with ADHD.

“I feel that my diverse background is an asset to this practice,” said Arvizzigno.

For more information about Arvizzigno, visit http://www.nancyarvizzignolpc.com or call her at 908-625-7206.

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