Parents of middle school students are invited to view a newly created educational video entitled What Middle School Students Need Most from their Parents.  Based on a presentation by Westfield school counselors Kim Schumacher, Christine Trottere and Cristina Caprara at Roosevelt Intermediate School, it includes this introduction:  “Adolescence is an extremely challenging time.” 

The presentation, originally part of a parent workshop called Coffee with Counselors, is intended to help parents be better equipped to face these challenges. “These workshops have made a huge difference not only to our students but to our families,” explained Ms. Schumacher. 

“The workshop was taped and posted as a video so that all parents could benefit from the excellent explanations provided and the strategies recommended by the counselors,” stated Margaret Dolan, Superintendent of Schools.  “Offering both in-person and online resources for our parents is an ongoing goal in the district,” added Dr. Dolan.

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Kerry Mooney, a parent of a 7th grader remarked, “The Coffee with Counselors was a great presentation.  It was a good reminder that middle school encompasses so much more than academics.  Our children are experiencing physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth.  All these aspects are important and worthy of our attention.  It is comforting to know that our children’s counselors are keenly aware of the difficulties of early adolescence and are there for support.”

Another 7th grade mother, Suzanne Sherman, expressed her appreciation: “The highly experienced, kind and compassionate counselors provided true insight into the complexities of middle school and its impact on our children.   Their hands on, practical advice already made a difference in my parenting, such as emphasis on the family meal and screen time at home.  These are great tips for parents to remember on a day to day basis and we appreciate their advice.”