The Westfield Day Care Center has been fortunate to be a recipient of The Westfield Foundation Summer Youth Employment Program, which provides grants to Westfield youth in order to gain experience in a field of interest while giving a service to the community they live in. 

This year the Westfield Day Care Center welcomed Alyssa Pascoguin, a senior at Rutgers University and a graduate of the Westfield Public Schools. Alyssa’s contribution helped the Westfield Day Care Center complete a very fun and successful Summer Explorers program which exposed children to swimming at the Westfield YMCA, Surgent’s Elite Gymnastics, science education and experiments by Wondergy and trips to the Turtle Back Zoo, Kean Stage and Glassworks Studio. 

Alyssa is currently working towards prerequisites to apply to an Occupational Therapy master’s degree program. “The work that is demanded of a college student can be stressful. Surrounding myself with children this summer has taught me to not take things too seriously, forgive easier, smile more and be carefree.”   Alyssa’s dedication to the children and the teachers was a joy to witness. 

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