WESTFIELD, NJ — Westfield Director of Public Works Greg O’Neil has been given the “Director Excellence” award by the Public Works Association of New Jersey. A special presentation was made at last week’s town council meeting to honor him.

O’Neil, who was was nominated by public works employees, has worked for the town of Westfield for just over two years.

“We were very fortunate to find Greg,” Town Administrator Jim Gildea said. “Between him, the support of the town council and mayor, we’ve really been able to transform our public works department.”

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“I’m the lucky one here,” O’Neil told the audience. “I’m the one who’s fortunate enough to have found this beautiful, beautiful town, and been afforded what I have been afforded, and that’s the autonomy to do the job with great, great people.”

“The public parks, the monuments, the grounds of the municipal building have never looked better. And so I want to thank you for all you’ve done. Thank you for the snow removal system; the suggestions you’re making we’re embracing,” Mayor Andy Skibitsky said to O'Neil. “And thank you to the employees. Just the fact that you chose to recognize him and send in the nominations shows how much your people care for you. That’s because you care for them.”