The Westfield Public School District’s All City awards this year were presented to Elizabeth Rosenberg, Franklin School - Vocal; Leo Mormile, Washington School - Orchestra; and Brooke Walden, Washington School - Band. In addition, Brooke's art design was selected for printing on All City t-shirts and program cover.

Brooke, who was chosen First Chair Flute, and standing with flute in hand, watches Steven Stouffer the All City Band Director announce the next musical selection during a performance.  Mr. Stouffer also is a teacher of instrumental music teacher at Jefferson and Wilson Elementary Schools in Westfield.

Other instructors include Robin Naylor and Amanda Gant, co-directors of the All City Orchestra, and Robert Geyer and Theodore Hendricks, co-directors of the All City Chorus. Jean Brezinski was the program’s coordinator.  Children in all six elementary schools audition for All City, are assigned chairs depending on their audition scores, and rehearsed before school prior to their performances at Westfield High School for all 4th and 5th graders district wide and in the evening for parents and community members.