WESTFIELD NJ — The Garden Club of Westfield and the Rake and Hoe Garden Club of Westfield are working together with local nurseries to create “pollinator centers” that will display plants for butterfly, bee and bird gardens. Signs created by the clubs will show gardeners which plants are host and nectar plants and even which time of year insects and birds will visit them so that people can plant for all seasons.

The presidents of the two Westfield garden clubs, Merrilyn Crane of the Westfield Garden Club and Diane Kazazis of the Rake and Hoe, met in November with Dave Williams of Williams Nursery, according to Kazazis.

“The collaboration was inspired by the project initiated by the Garden Club of NJ's chair of the Butterflies and BeeGAP committee, Jeannie Geremia,” Kazazis said. “It was her idea that in order to help pollinators that we educate the public about their decline. By having the local garden clubs partner with their local nurseries, they could set up pollinator centers which result in a positive effect for all.”

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Their first pollinator center is planned for Williams Nursery at 524 Springfield Ave. in Westfield.

“We encourage the public to attend the unveiling of the center on May 20 and to purchase plants for their gardens which provide a food source for caterpillars, butterflies, birds and bees,” Kazazis said. “Pollinators are crucial to our crop production and therefore, the health and welfare of our communities.”