The Westfield Green Team, one of Westfield’s several specialized committees, has been working on projects to inspire sustainable habits in the town of Westfield and inform the community. 

Most recently, the Team has unveiled a new display at the Westfield Memorial Library. The display, which has four shelves in a glass case, features visuals to explain what can and cannot be recycled following the town’s new recycling guidelines and tips to Westfielders on recycling. The order of the display is as follows: 

Top shelf: what is recyclable both curbside and at the Westfield Conservation Center. 

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Second shelf: what is not recyclable.

Third shelf: special recycling programs like those at the Conservation Center, Terra Cycle, and grocery stores. 

Fourth shelf: facts about recycling and waste and some great environmental books. 

Link to the new recycling guidelines, which came into effect on June 4:

The goals of the display are to inform the community of new recycling policies, encourage children and their families to partake in regular recycling habits, and enable the community to become more educated about waste in order to make the planet a greener place. The display will be featured in the library for the entire month of July. The Green Team hopes all community members can stop by and share their photos on social media! 

to learn more about the Green Team and its mission, click here: