Two Westfield High School students were named winners of $250 savings bonds each in the 2010 Westfield UNICO essay contest. Seniors Shannon Reilly and Adrian Szycowski composed their essays based on the contest’s theme:  “The most influential Italian or Italian-American.” On hand to congratulate the students were (left to right): UNICO Essay Contest Chairman Robert Tarte; President, Dave Lovato; and Secretary, John Chiesa; with students Shannon Reilly, Adrian Szycowski, and Westfield High School Social Studies Teacher, Adam Pizzi.

For her essay, Shannon wrote about Dr. Anthony Fauci, an immunologist who contributed research to the study of AIDS. According to Shannon, Fauci had a large part in creating the vaccinations that we have today. “Everyone should know more about him because he is an unsung hero,” she said.

Adrian wrote about John Sirica, the judge presiding over the Watergate Scandal. Adrian wrote about Sirica because as a Junior at Westfield High School last year, Adrian took Advanced Placement United States History and “was always interested in how society’s thought process evolved into a mistrust of the government and second guessing the government,” he said. Sirica was named TIME magazine’s Man of the Year in 1973 for his work on the Watergate Scandal.

The UNICO essay contest was established 11 years ago.  The organization also provides scholarships to graduating seniors.  The name UNICO means "one" or "only" or "only one of its kind."  Additionally, the letters are interpreted as U-unity, N-neighborliness, I-integrity, C-charity, and O-opportunity.