Westfield has a great friend in Congressman Leonard Lance. Congressman Lance is a man of great integrity who carefully considers the significant issues that confront the U.S. Congress. At a time of great division in our country, and when the national political dialogue is focused too much on personality over policies,  I am thankful that we have a thoughtful and diligent representative in Washington.  

Of all the places he could have selected to open his congressional office he picked downtown Westfield, bringing constituent services to our doorsteps. His expert team has helped thousands of people who experience difficulty with the federal government. He is our advocate and our fighter and the results speak for themselves.  

Congressman Lance stands for less taxes, less spending and a better quality of life. He is very helpful to us on the local level in making government work for people. He is also a person of great personal kindness and attentiveness.  

Please vote to return Leonard Lance to Washington.