WESTFIELD, NJ — Westfield High School’s class of 1975 will celebrate its 40th reunion at Echo Lake Country Club on Saturday, Oct. 3.

In addition to the party Saturday, “We have an action-packed weekend planned,” ML Relle, a member of the reunion committee, said. “Friday night at Crossroads with home-grown talent, Saturday reserved section football game WHS vs Linden complete with tailgate party and a tour of Westfield High.”

The class usually gets together every five years, according to event chair Sherb Naulty. Former classmates are expected to come from as far as California, possibly father.

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“It’s great catching up with folks who you have such strong ties back to. Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks keep folks connected pretty well nowadays. Some of these relationships began back in grade school, so there is a long history,” Naulty said. “High school can have mixed memories for folks. The reunion puts all of that ‘baggage’ to bed and we just celebrate each other for where we are now. It’s fun to establish new relationships with folks who you didn’t know in high school. The evening actually flies by.”

Naulty said the reunions are as much about creating new memories as they are about waxing nostalgic.

“Westfield was a wonderful town to grow up in and many folks settled close by. To gather every five years and reminisce along with hearing about each others’ lives, their families and supporting each other once again,” Naulty said. “It’s a bunch of nice people, gathering again like we did 40-plus years ago. Just time has passed along. We’ve become a bit wiser. We have all experienced ups and downs that are part of life. Life is a journey and these are folks who began theirs at the same time, each with a different path. It’s great that reunions enable us to move onward with a touchpoint to our past.”

For more information, including suggested lodging, and to purchase tickets, visit www.westfieldhigh75.com