In its newly published ranking of the top US public high schools, Newsweek ranked Westfield High School No. 67 in the US.  In addition, Westfield High School is ranked No. 2 in open enrollment high schools in New Jersey. Some recent graduates tell why.

Describing the impact of her education in Westfield, Erica Millwater, a Westfield High School graduate who is a Business Economics Major at UCLA, states, “Westfield High School fostered a learning environment that taught me how to work hard, how to thrive in a competitive environment rather than be consumed by it, and how to take charge of my own pathway to success.”

Completing her freshman year at Indiana University, Meghan Pettit, echoed those sentiments: “Westfield High School definitely prepared me for college. The one aspect that made this clear was the course load. I knew how to effectively manage my time in order to get everything done and more. This readiness not only allowed me to excel in my classes, but also allowed me to enjoy everything else campus had to offer.” 

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Westfield High School 2006 graduate Ben Nanna, who is serving as a White House intern this summer, is a Columbia University graduate student, and co-founder of Greta’s Run in honor of his friend Greta Schoenemann, stated, “I would not be the person I am without my experience in and education from the Westfield Public Schools.  My teachers, administrators – especially Dr. Dolan, friends and the community shaped who I am and how I move through the world.  I learned the value of camaraderie, empathy, diligence and public service.”

Kelly Webber, an English education major at Messiah College, noted, “ Writing for the Hi's Eye (Westfield High School’s student-run weekly newspaper) made me a better writer, and I learned a lot that is useful to what I'm studying in college. The awards Hi's Eye has won, as well as taking journalism for three years, helped me not only in college classes but also getting a job as a teacher's assistant at a summer writing program.”

Citing another one of Westfield High School’s programs, 2016 graduate Jonathan Bergman explained, “I learned how to use Final Cut software in the TV Studio as I was creating a video on the history of the schools.  Knowing how to use video editing like the back of my hand is going to be extremely helpful at American University where I am majoring in Journalism and Political Science.”

“The Newsweek ranking of Westfield High School as  NO. 67 in the US and No. 2 in open enrollment schools in New Jersey is a testament to the continued accomplishments of our students,” stated Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Margaret Dolan. 

“Supported by a skilled faculty and caring families who value education, Westfield High School continues to prepare students very well for college and careers. Certainly it is satisfying to be included in a prestigious annual ranking.  What our students accomplish day in and day out -- academically, athletically, artistically and as good citizens -- is what truly makes us proud.  I believe that our graduates recognize this, and this is why so many return to Westfield to raise their families,” added Dr. Dolan. 

The methodology included factors such as graduation rate, college enrollment, AP/IB enrollment, weighted SAT/ACT, ratio of counselor to student, and holding power (changes in 9th-grade to 12th-grade enrollment rates.)  Newsweek used school performance data from the National Center for Education Statistics to narrow down the list of 15,819 schools.