The Westfield High School Green Team is bringing back its battery recycling bin to the Westfield Memorial Library again from June 1-June 25.

Please be aware of the new guidelines. If you have rechargeable batteries you must tape down the positive (+) end of the battery with duct or electrical tape, as it is a fire hazard if these batteries come into contact with others. Check out the list of accepted batteries below.

 Accepted Batteries:

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-Alkaline (AA, AAA, D, C).

-Rechargeable batteries (i.e. 9V or a 12V battery) with + end taped down!

- NiMH, and Zinc-Carbon batteries (also taped).

    Tape down the positive end of batteries or individually place them in plastic bags if you are unsure if they need to be taped. Email Linzy Rosen at with any questions. Happy recycling!