BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ — Friday was a good day for Westfield High School girls track and field, day one of the Watchung Division Conference Championship. Mia Melao won the championship in the 1600. Leah Norton won the championship for pole vault. And not once, but twice Westfield High School senior Keren Moncayo broke the school record throwing javelin.

The old school record was 123’ 8.”

“I had a total of six throws and I broke the school record in the second one,” Moncayo said. “I knew it was a good throw but I never thought that it was more than 115 feet. When I went to retrieve the javelin I was sure that it wasn't the school record, but when I was running back to hear the measurement of the throw the official said it was 124 feet and eight inches. As soon as I heard the number 124 I had an instant adrenaline rush and threw my fists in the air yelling, ‘yes, yes, yes!’ That rush drove me to try to get better in my next throws.”

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With four more throws left, Moncayo set out to break the record again to win the event.

“The fourth throw was the one that broke the new record I just broke,” she said. “When I released the javelin I didn't think it was a good throw, or at least not good enough to beat the 124 foot throw. But when I ran back to hear what I got the official called out 128 feet and one inch. It took me a second to realize what I had just done. I couldn't believe that I broke my own record and it only took five minutes. After I finished throwing I was overwhelmed with happiness because it was my goal since sophomore year to break the school record. I was afraid that I wouldn't achieve my goal, but I did and I couldn't be any happier.”

Head coach Jennifer Buccino called it a “really great day” for Moncayo.

“Coach Preston and Coach Haimann have felt that Keren had the ability to hit a school record performance and have been waiting for the right day for it to finally happen,” Buccino said. “This is just the way a senior should wrap up her high school career. We are all so thrilled for her and since the season is not yet over, of course her coaches are hoping for more over the next few weeks.”

Moncayo has one particular goal in mind.

“There's one school record down, ” she said, “and one more to go: Discus.”