Westfield High School has received notification that 9 students earned a perfect score of 800 on the SAT or SAT 2 Subject Tests taken in November and December 2012. These students and the subjects in which they received a perfect score are as follows: (l-r, front row):  Mark Gillespie – Reading and Writing; Matthew Luppino – Math 2; Jill Rosenfeld – Reading and Writing; Cindy Xiao – Math and Writing; and Austin Thien – Writing; and (l-r, back row): Estelle Cervantes – French w/Listening; Alexander Beals – Math; Daniel Savickas – Math; and Sun Park – Korean w/Listening. Peter Renwick, Principal of Westfield High School, commended the students on the outstanding achievement.  “It speaks volumes about your abilities and your commitment to your education,” he stated.