Seventy-two Westfield High School students earned a variety of awards and recognitions at all four levels of the National Latin Exam.  Sophomore Stephanie Xiao earned a perfect score on the level 2 exam; the distinction of a perfect score was attained by only 813 students out of more than 135,000 who took the exam across the world. On March 16, a total of 97 students from Westfield High School took the National Latin Exam, which is given annually in all 50 states and a number of countries worldwide. 


WHS Latin teachers James Rowan and Barbara Bair expressed satisfaction with this year’s results.  “The Westfield results for the National Latin Exam were excellent as usual, and we were especially pleased to see such a high percentage of our students earning an award.  We are also very proud that Stephanie Xiao had a perfect score this year; a Westfield student typically only earns this distinction once every three or four years, but Stephanie is our second such winner in the past two years.”

Robert Roth, Interim District Supervisor of World Languages, added,  “I am very impressed with the results this year which accurately reflect success of the Latin instruction at Westfield High School led by two dedicated professionals who work tirelessly with a motivated student body.”

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The following students received awards:

Level 1

Gold Summa Cum Laude

Emma Jackler

Jessica Lisanti


Silver Maxima Cum Laude

Aidan Kilbourn

Corinne Herz

Sophia Powell

Grace Hutchinson

Leah Sherman

Lydia Nisita

Samuel Ertman

Colm Slevin

Alexandra Spiezio

Anastasia Fowler


Magna Cum Laude

Sarah Simon

Alexandra Sica

Abigail Frontero

Caroline Dwyer

Alexandra Percival

Christopher Giglio

Julie Dannevig


Cum Laude

Brooks Baker

Madeline Ripper

Daniel Carminio

Jonathan Givelber

Alison Lisanti

Bryan Raber

Theresa Lizzo

Henry Shapiro

Daniel Singh

Lauren Oligino

Anni Liu

Alexander Joseph

Daniel Jones


Level 2

Gold Summa Cum Laude with Perfect Score

Stephanie Xiao


Gold Summa Cum Laude

Tomas Taaffe

Rebecca Dunaief

Emma Downer

Samantha Stravach

Christopher Rule

Jake Lerie


Silver Maxima Cum Laude

Julia Salvato

Brianna Hatch

Emily Wistner

Jackson Price

Vaughan Price

Luke Mizus

Felix Baur

Steven Zucker

Rachel Bowman

Julianne Aronson

Samantha Colucci

Timothy Miller

Andrew Caminiti


Magna Cum Laude

Jack Sharkey

John Sandstedt

Matthew McIntyre

Wyatt Miller

Matthew Pindilli

Keven Fuller


Cum Laude

Natalie Nolan

James McCutcheon


Level 3- Prose

Magna Cum Laude

Lucy Earl

Jonathan Silva

Anna Glueck

Emma Escaldi

Nicholas Wojno-Oranski


Cum Laude

Lindsey Sharlow

Sean Riccardi

Alex Kingsley

Shea Elliott



Level 4- Poetry


Silver Maxima Cum Laude

Natalia Zeller MacLean


Magna Cum Laude

Mark Fico