WESTFIELD, NJ — When Keith Hertell placed a sign in front of his house at 241 East Dudley Ave. congratulating grandson David Lavelle for graduating Westfield High School, he didn’t expect others to join it. But soon more signs started popping up.

“It’s a combination of signs that were put there voluntarily and signs that have been purloined, and signs from remote places in Westfield that would not have been seen by many people,” Hertell said. “I think it’s in good fun. There’s nothing malicious about it. Now everyone who drives up and down East Dudley sees them.”

A couple of business tried to get in on the act, placing their advertisements on his lawn, as well.

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“I just recycled those signs, because that’s not in the spirit of what’s being done,” Hertell said.

Hertell hopes that this is the start of a Westfield tradition, though not necessarily in front of his house.

“My guess is this may start something for years to come, when people choose a home on a busy street to put their signs there,” he said.

If any parents would like their signs back, they’re welcome to take them, Hertell added. Meanwhile, his sign “garden” may not be done growing.

“There are rumors that there may be some more coming,” Hertell said.