Kindergarten students in Joellen Surace’s class at Westfield’s Lincoln School topped off their 3-week study of England with a Royal English Tea attended by parents and other guests.  At the classroom’s entrance with Mrs. Surace, Mila Payne and Sam Judka prepared for their entry into the classroom as the queen and prince for the day. 

The kindergarten class impressed their guests with their knowledge of England and invited them to join in dancing the Minuet.  During the high tea, the children shared the "All about England" books that they wrote, which supported their writing curriculum.   Leading up to the event, the students used maps and globes to help identify England.  They studied the similarities and differences in the cultures of England and America including the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

As part of their studies, the kindergarteners compared and contrasted the royal family to the presidential Obama family, the US dollar to the pound and the countries’ flags.  They learned how to tell time using Big Ben clocks, and castles were created in the classroom’s block area. During art class, paper versions of the royal guards were designed and ready for display during the Royal English Tea.