WESTFIELD, NJ — With news crews from CBS and ABC present at Tuesday night’s town council meeting, Mayor Andy Skibitsky spoke about recent media attention focused on an alleged stalker who sent “disturbing” letters to a Westfield home’s new owners signed “The Watcher.”  Skibitsky said he has spoken with the homeowners personally.

“You may have read about or seen a news story in various media outlets about a house in Westfield, as the media put it, ‘being stalked’ because the homeowners received what could only be classified as disturbing letters shortly after closing on their house purchase,” said the mayor. “We certainly understand the concerns any homeowner would have under the circumstances.

“I have personally met with the affected homeowners on several occasions — most recently this past Sunday morning — so I am very familiar with this matter from their perspective.

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“It is important to reassure the public that the letters in question were received almost a year ago. Again — almost a year ago.

“Apparently, this has received media attention of late because of a recent filing of a civil lawsuit between private parties. Such civil action does not fall within the purview of this governing body and therefore we cannot comment on that matter.

“It’s also important to reassure that, when over a year ago this matter was reported to the police, our police department conducted an exhaustive investigation based on the factual circumstances and evidence available.

“Although it would not be appropriate to disclose the details of the investigation, as it could compromise ongoing or future investigatory efforts, to be sure, our police department did go the extra mile, including consulting with the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, to make sure no stone was left unturned.

“Such efforts have not, however, yielded information leading to charges being filed and therefore this case, which under New Jersey law is classified as a ‘disorderly persons offense,’ is pending the introduction of any new evidence.

“Certainly, if anyone has any additional facts or information relating to this matter, please come forward and contact our police department immediately at 908-789-4000,” he said.

During the meeting, Ian McGrady, a producer at ABC News, asked if police had a “subject” in the investigation. Skibitsky did not comment, but added, “I do encourage any resident who may have any information to please reach out to the police department.”