A bunch of moms from Westfield headed over to the Trader Joe's in Millburn today in an effort to show our support to Trader Joe's and their staff members. We wanted them to know how much we appreciate their presence in our town, miss their employees and hope they will continue on the path of rebuilding in Westfield!
As soon as we entered the Trader Joe's Millburn location, we were greeted by the familiar and friendly faces of many of the Westfield Trader Joe's employees. After speaking to one of them regarding what had happened, she replied to me that Trader Joe's had been great to them all. Within 48 hours of the unfortunate incident, all employees had been placed at either Millburn or one of the other TJ locations.  
If that doesn't say a ton about the way Trader Joe's treats their employees, I don't know what else could. What an amazing place. I feel fortunate we have (or will again soon) a Trader Joe's in our town, and will always give them my business. What happened to the Westfield location, nobody could have predicted, but how TJ's management and corporate office handled the situation afterwards was absolutely commendable.