After 49 years as a pediatrician, Dr. Arvind Shah is leaving his Westfield practice and entering the world of retirement.

Dr. Shah has been serving the community for the past five decades with a kindness and gentleness that is truly rare nowadays. Without his sense of humor and genuine interest in the patients’ lives, visits to the doctor will never be the same.

“There is nothing more enjoyable in life than seeing a sick child smile when he gets better. I think my role has been more of a health educator-promoting preventive medicine, giving anticipatory guidance to parents. But it’s also a pleasure to help sick children and make them feel better,” Dr. Shah said.

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As he reminisces on his past experiences, he is sure to mention that he will miss having his practice because it was his life. He chose to have solo practice with no other physicians so he could spend time with the patients that needed him most. Unfortunately, he feels that his style of medicine is becoming obsolete and more doctors’ offices are becoming about business and money.

“I encourage anyone who wants to go into medicine. I think it’s a very noble profession. There is nothing else in the world-of course, I am biased-that compares to medicine. It is a great feeling to help others,” Dr. Shah said.