WESTFIELD, NJ -- The application submitted by Stop & Shop to expand was approved at the Town of Westfield Special Planning Board Meeting on Dec. 19.

The back-and-forth between Howard Geneslaw, the attorney for the Stop & Shop of Westfield, and Ron Gasiorowski, the lawyer of the objector James Hughes, has gone on for slightly less than a year.

“I appreciate the time and attention this board has given this case,” said Gasiorowski. “You certainly didn’t rush through it.”

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Gasiorowski spoke out against the Stop & Shop expansion by reiterating points he had made in previous meetings. He added that the expansion would bring crowds usually associated with big supermarkets on highways to the downtown area of Westfield.

“They are really bringing the highway to Westfield,” said Gasiorowski.

Gasiorowski also restated the noise disturbances that could occur as well as possibly problematic garbage compacting schedules to which the board, after hearing testimonies from two different noise specialists at previous meetings, saw no discrepancies.

“There hasn’t been any request for a noise variance,” said chairman Vincent Wilt.

Geneslaw gave a summary of all his points brought up at past meetings as well as a summary of all of Gasiorowski’s claims, data and both of their witnesses.

In response to possible noise issues he stated that there would be very occasional noise and only for a few hours. Geneslaw also answered claims that there would be more tractor-trailer traffic and that the trucks would have to wait in public streets as a result of a lack of loading docks.

“When trucks are loading there will be no blockage in that manner,” said Geneslaw.