WESTFIELD, NJ – The Westfield Planning Board approved two new appeals and passed one resolution during a brief meeting Monday night.

One application sought a subdivision on 569 Downer Street. The current block holds a home on one lot and a garage on the other. The applicant sought to remove all structures, re-establish a property line and build one duplex home on each lot.

“They are both duplex homes,” architect Roger Winkle said. “Each one is a two-family home. The floor plan for each is basically the same.”

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The application did not seek any variance relief.

“This is a totally conforming, modern subdivision,” attorney Stephen Hehl said.

The planning board unanimously approved the subdivision with the conditions that a tree preservation plan and the architectural plans be submitted.

The board’s other hearing was about variance relief to install a pergola on 433 North Avenue. The applicant’s lawyer, Mitchell  Beinhaker, had no witnesses to present.

“I went down and looked at it,” Board Chairman Vince Wilt said. “I didn’t have a problem.”

The application was reviewed and unanimously approved in about five minutes.

Additionally, the board adopted a resolution for a minor subdivision on 609 Drake Place. The existing structure will be demolished to create two new lots with the construction of a new single-family home on each lot. The application was previously approved.

The next planning board meeting is Monday, Sept. 6 at 7:30 p.m.