Westfield High School Principal, Peter Renwick, recently returned from the 2015 National Forum on Education Policy, where nearly 600 pivotal education leaders -- governors, legislators, state commissioners, higher education leaders, teachers, business leaders -- all focused on transforming policy and advancing student success.

The three-day event in Denver, CO, brought some of the nation's top education speakers and included sessions on topics ranging from preschool through postsecondary education, achievement gap, and workforce readiness. Policymakers across states and party lines had the opportunity to interact, learn from one another and collaborate.  

“My attendance at the Education Commission of the States National Forum proved invaluable as I was able to join prominent educators and legislators from around the country to discuss important topics related to education and education reform,” stated Renwick.  “I am confident that my involvement in these discussions will benefit the Westfield Public Schools,” he added.