WESTFIELD, NJ—Westfield Public Schools are reaching out to students who have been displaced due to Hurricane Sandy, letting them know that they are entitled to a continuous education. Families who have had to leave Westfield because of the storm are encouraged to contact Dr. Michael Weissman, assistant superintendent of pupil personnel services, at 908-789-4400,ext.4442, or by emailing him at mweissman@westfieldnjk12.org to discuss appropriate arrangements for continued education.

“Fortunately, not a lot of students in Westfield have been displaced by the storm,” Weissman told TAP. “There are only about a handful of students that have been completely displaced.  We have been able to continue the education of these students within the Westfield school system.  The school district does everything it can to make sure that displaced students continue their education within the Westfield School District for the purposes of continuity.”

For displaced students, some of the services that are available from Westfield Public Schools include  transportation, counseling and referrals to community agencies. “Staff members, community members, students or anyone that knows a student who may be considered 'homeless’ can contact me for information,” said Weissman,  who plans to speak with the referred individuals and determine their eligibility for services, as well as counsel them regarding their various options.