WESTFIELD, NJ — Several Westfield residents spoke to the town’s elected officials last week during Tuesday evening’s town council meeting.

Kevin “Spud” Monroe of Windsor Avenue complained that the police continuously break up pickup basketball games at Windsor Park.

“Every Sunday, here comes Westfield Police Department. They walk on the middle of the court,” Monroe said.

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Monroe told the council that police also issued him a ticket for giving away school supplies at the park on the day after he had a permit for the Unity Games.


Town Administrator Jim Gildea later told Monroe the police come to the park when a neighbor calls with a complaint.

“The police are obligated to come, no matter what that call is for,” Gildea said. “Even if it’s silly, he has to go out on the call.”

Another resident of Windsor Avenue told the council that the police came to a senior event at the Westfield Neighborhood Council on Cacciola Place to tell them that their music was too loud. That was at 10 p.m., she said.

The same night, she said, she heard loud music coming from another nearby location much later into the evening.

“Is this ordinance just for certain areas or is it all areas?” she asked. The police were “very nice,” she noted, “but we turned ours down — they didn’t.”

She also told the council that a lot owned by the town behind her house was overgrown with weeds and that the brook there was not covered.

At a town council conference meeting earlier in the evening, resident David Contract asked the council to consider a smoking ban in Downtown Westfield. Westfield banned smoking in town parks in October of 2014.

“Let’s take this a step further,” Contract said. “Westfield can do something that’s on the cutting edge and is in the best interest of all of us.”