The Westfield Robotics Club is looking forward to another successful year where all the three teams strive to qualify for the 2017 FIRST Technology Challenge (FTC) State Championships one more time in 2017. The Westfield Robotics Club is made up of three teams: WR That Hertz (5968), WR The Flux Capacitor (7102) and WR Positive Charge (10343). The club is hosting the Westfield Wrangle at Westfield High School on February 5th where more than 35 teams from central New Jersey will fiercely compete for a spot at the state championships.

The season started for the club on a highly encouraging note. Teams 5968 and 10343 were chosen to represent the NJ FTC teams at the New York City Maker Faire on October 1, 2016. Four Maker Faires are held each year in the US and represent the Maker Movement’s festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness. Many of the top technical companies in the world showcase  their innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives at this event held at the heart of New York City every year.

The club has had a successful season thus far. At the first meet, teams 5968 and 7012 reached the finals, while team 10343 reached the semifinal round and were the first alliance pick. At the second meet, the three teams ranked in the top ten, with 5968 ranking seventh and 10343 coming in at second place. At the championship qualifier, team 10343 won the Think Award which recognizes the team’s ingenuity in their robot design, while team 7102 was nominated for the Connect Award which recognizes a team's involvement with their community.

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For the third year, the club invites the public to watch the teams compete at the Westfield Wrangle on Sunday, Feb. 5, at the Westfield High School’s Main Gym at 550 Dorian Road from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. This year’s meet will be one of the largest ones in NJ and the top two teams will vie for a position at the state championships. A special event this year will be a team of second graders in FIRST’s Jr. FLL division will demonstrate the robots they built.

Please come out with family and friends to cheer and support the three Westfield teams make it to the States. The club appreciates financial support from the community to run the independent club by using their Amazon affiliate link: If you are interested in sponsoring or donating to the club, you may contact Mrs. Karen Fishman at