On Tuesday, June 27, members of the Westfield High School Robotics Club taught code to students in the community at the Westfield Memorial Library. Participants in the coding class were elementary school students from various Westfield schools. Club members utilized programs from Code.org’s Hour of Code to teach students the basic elements of code by going through a series of challenges in Minecraft games.

The various tasks in each level gauged students’ problem-solving and critical thinking skills and the challenges in each level grew progressively more difficult as the hour zipped by. Members enjoyed seeing the unrelenting perseverance of students and their excitement when they successfully completed the challenges. Students’ enthusiasm was unwavering; even in the midst of difficult obstacles, they were extremely determined to find the best solution possible.

 While there is much more for the youth to learn and concepts to be built upon, club members are confident that these students can become more well versed in code by playing other Code.org games and one day may even become the world’s future coders. This was the Robotics Club’s first community event of the summer with more to come soon!

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The club would like to thank the Westfield Memorial Library for providing equipment and a space to host the event.

Check out Code.org for more information on how you can learn code easily and have fun doing it. The programs are geared for learners of all ages. Contact the Westfield Robotics Club to find out how you can join Westfield’s STEM community or sponsor the Club in their efforts on and off the game field.