Over the past two months, precious stones have been showing up all around town. And, as quickly as they appeared … they are gone. These gems are worth little to no (closer to no) money, but they are precious because they are part of the #Bestfield Rocks initiative, a community pride grassroots movement that encourages residents to think, live, love and act locally to make Westfield and the world we’re part of the best it can be.

What’s missing?

Rock On! is gone.

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Rock it Forward moved on.

Pet Rock took a walk.

Yo Rocky took a dive.

3rd Rock is out of orbit.

They had graced planters, sidewalks and window sills all around town. No longer the case.

The #Bestfield Rocks team is okay with that because that was the intent. Sorta.

See a painted rock and:

  1. Smile.
  2. Think about how nice our little town is and what you can do to make it better.
  3. Move the rock someplace else where people will see it.

Sorta, because the rocks haven’t been seen in Ages,

Even the Rock of Ages is missing.

So is Crocodile Rock, Jailhouse Rock and several Glam Rocks.

Sadly, the Blues Rock is no longer  on the Baptist Church lawn.

If you have a missing rock please place it in a public, safe place where people will see it but not trip.

If you want to Paint it Forward! … please do! Enjoy the creative release and make #BestfieldNJ even better. Rock and Roll.