The Westfield Public School District’s Elm Street Administration Offices and friends, Fine Arts Department and the Westfield High School Choir helped contribute toward a total of $6,000 in toys, backpacks, school supplies and gift cards for families in Manahawkin, Seaside, Toms River, and Silverton. This effort, called a Jersey Shore Christmas, was led by Kristen King Marin, a niece of Linda King, Supervisor of Fine Arts in the Westfield Public Schools. Kristen made several deliveries of holiday packages to families whose homes were severely damaged or lost as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Shortly before Christmas, Dr. King alerted her colleagues and friends about her niece’s donation drive.  “So many people were very gracious this season,” said Dr. King. “Many happy tears were shed. It was just such a wonderful feeling to be able to help out so many families in their time of need.”