In honor of Earth Day, many schools in the Westfield School District took the opportunity to participate in “green” activities that benefit our Earth.

Westfield High School’s Environmental Club created a week-long initiative to raise awareness about the environment and to help it as well. Informational announcements were made each morning, discussing the environment and what each student could do to help. The Environmental Club also assisted with an art exhibit in the school on April 21, created by the Foundations of Art classes. The artwork was made from all found and recycled products and depicted themes related to the environment. The Club also held a bake sale, and sold paper leaves to help fundraise to plant trees in the Brazilian Rain Forest.

Also in WHS, Project 79 students collected money for the victims of the tsunami in Japan, and displayed a bike generator in the school to demonstrate alternate energy methods.

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Both Tamaques and Washington Elementary Schools participated in week-long, environmentally friendly initiatives. Tamaques School held an Earth Day poster contest, whose winners are displayed in the front lobby of the school. On Wednesday, April 20, the school served as a drop-off location for a Second Chance Toy Drive. While working with Second Chance Toys, Tamaques families were asked to donate plastic toys to this drive to keep plastic out of landfills and to keep children happy as well.  On Thursday, the school celebrated Earth Day by having a Waste-Free Lunch Day. Students were encouraged to have reusable lunch containers, water bottles and bags.

Washington Elementary School also participated in a Waste-Free Lunch Week, with a goal of collecting as little garbage as possible.

Throughout the week, various activities were planned. Monday, April 18 was Walk or Bike to School Day; Tuesday, April 19 was Turn Off the TV Day; Wednesday, April 20 was Waste-Not Day, and Thursday, April 21 was a combination of the week’s activities. Washington also participated in a “Half-Dark Day,” where various classroom and hallway lights were turned off for the day.

A third grade class at Franklin School participated in a Book Swap.  They brought in gently used books from home and played a game to trade the books.

Wilson Elementary School celebrated Earth Day by having an assembly on Thursday, April 21. Jack Branagan of Earth Matters did a presentation entitled “Vanishing Habits- the Earth Speaks.” Grades 1-4 also went to the Rialto Theater to see the movie African Cats.