WESTFIELD, NJ — Seven Westfield High School achieved perfect scores in December on parts of the SAT and ACT, and another student got a perfect score on part of the ACT in October, the district learned this week.

The standardized tests are widely used for college admission criteria. 

The high scorers are: Amy Liang – SAT Math and Writing; Cindy Qiang – SAT Math and Writing; Emily Holtzman – ACT English and Science; Ana Ionescu – ACT Writing; Michael Hauge – SAT Reading and Writing; Owen Bartok – ACT English; Quinn Clarke-Magrab – ACT Science; and Jasper Baur – ACT Writing. 

In a letter to the students, WHS Principal Peter Renwick wrote, “I would like to commend you for this outstanding achievement, which speaks volumes about your abilities and your commitment to your education.”