The Martin Luther King, Jr. Association of Westfield once again invited students in the community to enter the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. essay, poetry and art contest. The theme for 2013 was the Power of Unity.  The winners of the contest include:

Intermediate Schools


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1st Place: Sara Israel, 8th Grade, Edison

2nd Place: Tomas Rios, 7th Grade, Edison

3rd Place: Olivia Hamilton, 8th Grade Edison

Honorable Mention: Sophia DiIorio, 8th Grade, Holy Trinity


1st Place: Emily Holtzman, 8th Grade, Edison

Grace Venezia, 8th Grade, Edison

2nd Place: Zoe Rader, 8th Grade, Roosevelt

3rd Place: Michelle Ferrer, 8th Grade, Holy Trinity

Honorable Mention: Erica Cheung, 8th Grade, Edison

Chloe Gordner, 8th Grade, Edison

Ryan Moore, 8th Grade, Edison

Cindy Qiang 8th Grade Edison

Cameron Scalera, 8th Grade, Edison


1st Place: Catie Gerlitz, 7th Grade, Holy Trinity

2nd Place: Kyle Dombroski, 8th Grade, Roosevelt

3rd Place: Jenny Boan, 7th Grade, Roosevelt

Honorable Mention: Kristen Cavallo, 8th Grade, Holy Trinity

Nathaneal Papachristos, 8th Grade, Holy Trinity

Cindy Qiang, 8th Grade, Edison

Elementary Schools

1st Place: Ashley Klein, 5th Grade, Jefferson

2nd Place: Stamati Angelides, 5th Grade, Wilson

3rd Place: Alex Weinberg, 5th Grade, Jefferson

Honorable Mention: Luke Barry, 4th Grade, Jefferson

Zachary Rever, 5th Grade, Jefferson

Sophia Rossetti, 4th Grade, Franklin


1st Place: Jack Sumas, 4th Grade, Franklin

2nd Place: Michael Catania, 5th Grade, Wilson

3rd Place: Isabella Sutton, 4th Grade, Washington

Honorable Mention: Colin Guinane, 3rd Grade, Tamaques;

Gillian Strout, 3rd Grade, Tamaques; and

Rebecca Whang, 5th Grade, Franklin


1st Place: Isabelle Gauthier, 3th Grade, Tamaques

2nd Place: Macey Cullen, 4th Grade, Washington

3rd Place: Dustin Paden, 5th Grade, Franklin

3rd Place: Rachel Saxon, 5th Grade, Franklin