On Sept. 23, more than 60 sixth grade students from Roosevelt Intermediate School were visited by an entrepreneur whose at-home baking has evolved into a successful bread making business.

The students are enrolled in Real World Tech – a required marking period course in which each student assumes the role of a business owner.   After choosing a business to open, they design a logo, create a business card, shop for inventory and develop a spreadsheet, learn formulas and budgeting in Excel.  The course culminates with each student presenting a PowerPoint to the class and creating a commercial using computer animation software. 

To bring real world examples into the classroom, guest speakers are invited to discuss their experiences with the students.  One of the Technology teachers, Pamela Friedman, invited her sister, Linda Kiesel-Zabludovsky who together with her husband started a thriving bread business after building a brick oven in her parents’ backyard several years ago.  The guest speaker went on to explain the steps they underwent in making the business, Paramount Bakeries a success –now employing over 100 people and selling to grocery stores in eight different states.

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“The students loved hearing her tell the story of how their business grew, stated Friedman. "This helped me realize what I would actually have to do to start a business," stated 6th grader Alexandra Bonn.

"After hearing Mrs. Friedman's sister speak, I realized that inspiration is the key to success,” added Jonathan Alpizar.