The National School Boards Association has named Jeanine Gottko one of "20 to Watch" Leaders in Advancing Education Technology.  Jeanine is a Master Technology Teacher for Kindergarten through 5th Grade in the Westfield Public Schools.

Ms. Gottko is one of only 20 education leaders from across the country being recognized for her ability to inspire colleagues to incorporate innovative technology solutions that contribute to high-quality learning environments and more efficient school district operations.

In selecting Ms. Gottko for this honor, the National School Board Association stated: “The 21st century learning environments thrive at Westfield’s elementary schools, as Jeanine Gottko supports teachers in and out of their classes, in professional development sessions, and through her online resource blog as part of a $1.2 million technology initiative. By ensuring technology was effectively incorporated into the district’s other grant on literacy, her work serves as a model for others.”

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The National School Board Association also explains that “The '20 to Watch' honorees offer school board members and other leaders real-world stories that help them evaluate the intersection of policy and practice when it comes to today’s emerging technologies.”

Along with this honor is the opportunity for Ms. Gottko to attend the Consortium for School Networking's Leadership in San Diego, where she will share innovative ideas with educators from around the country.

Ms. Gottko has a long history with the Westfield Public Schools.  She is a Westfield High School graduate and was hired in 1998 as an elementary teacher at Franklin School. 

“We are proud of her accomplishments as a student, teacher, and role model and applaud her enthusiasm for teaching and her dedication to preparing our children for the 21st century,” stated Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Margaret Dolan.

“It is a great honor to be recognized by the National School Board Association for the work I and the district have done this year,” commented Ms. Gottko.    “Our board has done a great job to support technology and continues to help provide resources for teachers.  Going forward I hope to continue to help our teachers implement new and innovative ways to enhance our curriculum through the use of technology.  I would love to focus further on our STEM initiative, collaborative learning, and 21st century skills.  I am hoping that this award serves as an opportunity to make connections with other leaders in educational technology and to bring back the most innovative ideas to our district.”

Ms. Gottko’s immediate supervisor, Paul Pineiro, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and programs, spoke highly of Ms. Gottko.  “Jeanine Gottko has done her part to get the paradigm shifting here in Westfield’s public schools. And she’s done so in award-winning fashion. We are so excited that Jeanine has received this prestigious recognition and we know she will well represent the vision of her elementary colleagues and administrators as well as the district, Board of Education and of our community.”