Teachers throughout the Westfield Public Schools shared best practices in a variety of workshops held on Feb.17 at the district’s In Service Day.  While students enjoyed a longer President’s weekend, teachers gathered in classrooms engaged in a variety of professional development activities. 

Erica Wright (left) and Sandy Ford were among the Mathematics teachers who reviewed several options for new texts for the Pre-calculus Advanced/Honors courses. The High School Science staff, seated at desks, learned new safety and chemical handling/management to ensure that Westfield classrooms are safe places for students as they perform their laboratory investigations. 

The full day schedule, comprising morning and afternoon sessions, also included workshops on resiliency, technology, new curriculum standards, special education training, enrichment, student health, PARCC testing, and more. Paul Pineiro, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Program, noted that a full day of professional development helps improve instruction for students at all grades. Teachers were asked to complete surveys after each session to provide feedback for future workshops.