WESTFIELD, NJ — Westfield’s town council is considering eliminating the $10 yearly fee for decals that allow residents to park on the street in front of their homes where parking is restricted.

The decals are intended to deter commuters from parking on those streets, Councilman Mike Dardia, who chairs the public safety, transportation and parking committee, explained at the council’s recent conference meeting.

“They’ll still need the decal,” Dardia said. “Just not have to pay for the right to park in front of your house, which nobody else has to do in this town.”

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Town Administrator Jim Gidlea estimated that nearly 1,500 vehicles currently use the decals town-wide.

“Can I just say that I’m thrilled to hear this?” Councilman David Contract said. “This is a huge issue for people in Ward 3 who live near the train station so, Mike, I appreciate your committee reviewing it and making that recommendation.”

For the change to go into effect for next year, the town council will have to vote to change the ordinance that the fee is listed in.